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  • ♥Function : Baby Musical Bus Push Pull Along Toys upper of this baby toy is a instrument tool enables the kids to learn the different music sound and imporve hand control capacity. The babies can enjoy themselves by pushing or dragging the school bus.

  • ♥What is this : Baby Musical Bus Push Pull Along Toys is a toy set for babies toddler kids that is in a school bus shape but with the xylophone instrument upper and different alphabet block, round educational beads and dragging rope enable the bus to walk.

  • ♥Novelty Appearance:The alphabet block in different shape and color requires the babies toddlers learn how to find the exact right hole to match. They can learn about different color shape. And the round beads on the top of the car is with round beads.

  • ♥Safety : The Baby Musical Bus Push Pull Along Toys for babies are made of environmental protective material and al lthe angles are designed with round touching. It avoids any harm to the babies tender hand. And there is a smooth and shinning waxing makes the toys under protection. Kid can enjoy the toys free without any worry of toxic smell.

  • ♥Baby Best Gift : With exquisite appearance and design along with cute buttons, the Baby Musical Bus Push Pull Along Toys learning education toy can fully arouse your baby's attention and interest. This is a preschool learning toy which is suitable for babies and toddlers over 1 year old and is the first choice for birthdays and holiday gifts.

  • Baby Musical Bus Push Pull Along Toys Multi-Functional Musical School Bus Steel Piano Toy-Early Learning Educational Toys Puzzle Shape Knocking Piano Push and Pull Vehicle Play Toy for Baby Toddler

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